Aberystwyth RDA Group

Our Group works with children from the Special Needs Unit of a local school, providing them with horse riding as part of their education. This activity is therapeutic, enjoyable and provides important opportunities for achievement.
RDA adopts a 'can do' approach to encourage our young riders to participate whatever their abilities.
Within the safe environment of a riding school, we provide close supervision which requires three helpers to assist each rider.
The Group is run entirely by volunteers and we are always looking for new helpers who are comfortable being with children and horses, to support our riding sessions or who can assist in some other way. Full training will be given.
Our sessions are held between 1.00 and 3.00 pm on Fridays during school term time at the Rheidol Riding Centre, Capel Bangor SY23 4EL.
If you think you would like to join our friendly team, please get in touch.
Our email address is:aberystwyth@rdasouthwales.org.uk or phone us on 01545 570439


The initiative for the production of a leaflet came from someone working for the Co-op Community Fund who approached our coach Sue Wright and suggested that we should make an application to fund a specific project. As we had recently been successful in raising funds for several large purchases we were almost at a loss for ideas, but when the idea of a publicity leaflet was put forward, this seemed an ideal project.
A subgroup of three trustees was formed and a designer consulted on making a leaflet to raise the profile of RDA in the area and encourage more volunteers to join us. We were advised to keep the text to to the minimum necessary to give clear information, and to have plenty of photos showing children, ponies and helpers in action. Once we had written the text in English, it was sent to a translator friend for the Welsh version.We found a professional photographer and eventually, after a number of delays (illness, bad weather, school holidays), she came and took nearly 200 photographs. Then came the task of shortlisting which we undertook individually before meeting to compare lists. Happily our lists were surprisingly similar and we chose just 10 photos for inclusion in the leaflet.
We immediately liked the designer's first draft but were surprised at the difference it made to see a hard copy of the whole leaflet, when we noticed one or two omissions in our original text. After several tweaks we approved the final draft and printing quickly followed. Within a few days of distribution we already had three serious enquiries from people interested in joining us although at the time of writing it is too soon to tell whether these potential new helpers will stay the course.